2007 Annual International Research Conference on Methyl Bromide Alternatives and Emissions Reductions

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Yates, Scott R. (1) Simple methods to Evaluate New Emission Reduction Methods

Ashworth, Daniel J. (2) Laboratory Measurements of Fumigant Emissions from Agricultural Soils

Wang, D. (3) Estimating Plastic Film Permeability Under Field Conditions

Ajwa, Husein (4) Plastic Film Permeability to Fumigants

 Qin, Ruijin (5) Effect of Soil Moisture on Emissions and Distributions of Fumigants in Columns  

Ajwa, Husein (6) Fumigant Emission Reductions by Using Low Permeability Film and Thiosulfate Water Seal

Fennimore, S. (7) Facilitating Adoption of Alternatives to Methyl Bromide in California Strawberries

Browne, Greg (8) Integrated Pre-Plant Alternatives to Methyl Bromide for Almonds and Other Stone Fruits

Upadhaya, Shrini K (9) Tree Planting Site-Specific Fumigant Application to Control Almond Replant Disease

Kluepfel, Daniel (10) Methyl Bromide Alternatives for use in Walnut Production Systems

Wang, D. (11) Methyl Bromide Alternatives for Vineyard Replant: Assessment of Control Efficacy, Fumigant Movement and Crop Respons

Gerik, Jim (12) Pacific Area Wide MB Alternatives Program for Cut Flower and Bulb Crops

Hanson, B. D. (13) Efficacy and 1,3-D Emissions with Approved Nursery Stock Certification Treatments Applied with Two Shank Designs

Pinkerton, John N. (14) Methyl Bromide Alternatives for Red Raspberry and Forestry Nurseries

Stoddard, C. S. (15) Methyl Bromide Fumigation Alternatives for Sweetpotato Hotbeds in California

Ajwa, Husein A. (16) Testing Film Permeability to Fumigants Under Laboratory and Field Conditions

Yates, Scott R. (17) Film Permeability Measurements in support of USDA-ARS Area-Wide Research

Chellemi, Dan O. (18) Factors Affecting the Performance of MB Alternatives – A South Atlantic Perspective

Chellemi, Dan O. (19) MB Alternatives Area-Wide Pest Management Project – South Atlantic Progress Report

Culpepper, A. S. (20) Can Georgia Growers Replace Methyl Bromide

Quicke, Marie (21) Area-Wide Demonstration  Of Alternatives: Forest Nurseries in the Southern US

Louws, Frank (22) On-Farm Research to Implement MB Alternatives: An Area-Wide Initiative

Arnold, Frank (23) Measuring New Fumigants with Draeger-Tubes

Welker, Rob (24) DMDS and Acrolein Studies in Strawberry and Tomato Production Systems

Ajwa, Husein (25) Evaluation of Acrolein for Strawberry Production

Ajwa, Husein (26) Acrolein as Potential Alternative to Methyl bromide in California Grown Calla Lilies

Simmons, L. J. (27) The Effects of Acrolein on the Microbiology and Key Biochemical Activities of the Soil

Belcher, Jason (28) Tomato and Nutsedge Response to Acrolein and Herbicides Applied Preplant 

Jeff Dawson/Charles Smith (29) EPA Overview   

Ajwa, Husein (30) Efficacy of Drip and Shank Applied Midas for Strawberry Production

Poling, Barclay (31) Synopsis of Strawberry Plasticulture Research with Iodomethane in North Carolina Since the Year 2000

Olson, Stephen M. (32) Efficacy of Midas® (50/50) as a Soil Fumigant for Tomato Production

Bernal, R. F. (33) Effect of Midas (Chloropicrion 62%, Methyl Iodide 33%) On the control of Meloidogyne incognita (Chitwood) Kofoid and White In Greenhouses of Salto Uruguay

Wells, Sheryl (34) Granular Forms of Na and K Azides Applied to Established Turf

Walker, Robert H. (35) Replacements for Methyl Bromide in a Centipedegrass-Based Sod Rotation System

Westerdahl, B. B. (36) Cultural Methods for Managing Nematodes on Annual Crops in California

Seyb, Alison (37) Overwinter Cover Crops and Root-Knot Nematode Populations in Watermelon Fields

Hewlett, T. E. (38) Efficacy of In-Vitro Pasteuria spp. Parasitizing Two Nematode Species

Dickson, D. W. (39) Efficacy of the MI Gene in Tomato Against Root-Knot Nematode in Florida

Shennan, Carol (40) Optimizing Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation:  An Alternative to Methyl Bromide?

McSorley, Robert (41) Similarities and Differences in Flower and Vegetable Production in Florida

Gao, Suduan (42) Field Tests on Emission Reduction Methods from Telone C-35 Application

Hanson, B. D. (43) Effects of Surface Seals on Pest Control Efficacy with 1,3-Dichloropropene/Chloropicrin

Sullivan, David A. (44) Concurrent Comparison of Metam Sodium Applied by Chemigation and Shank Injection

Noling, J. W. (45) Potential Impacts of Buffer Zones on Florida Strawberry

Sullivan, David A. (46) Status Update:  Buffer Zones for Agricultural Fumigants

Ajwa, Husein (47) Shank and Drip Applied Soil Fumigants as Potential Alternative to Methyl Bromide In California-Grown Cut Flowers

Yilmaz, S. (48) Alternatives to Methyl Bromide For Cut Flowers in Turkey

Vencat, Shiva (49) Verdivap Airstream

McKenry, M. V. (50) Replanting Vineyards Without Soil Fumigation

Cortwright, Brian (51)  Managing Melon  Soilborne Diseases in Michigan with MBR Alternatives

Noling, J. W. (52) Grower Field Demonstration Trialing of Methyl Bromide Alternatives in Florida Strawberry

Daugovish, Oleg (53) Control of Difficult Weeds in Strawberry Production in Non-Fumigated Areas

Fennimore, Steven, A. (54) Effect of Irrigation Activation on Weed Control in Strawberry with Oxyflourfen

Thomas, J. E. (55) A 2-Year Study of Wavelength Selective Plastic Mulches in Florida Tomato Production

Candole, Byron (56) Effects of Vapam Application on Methyl Isothiocynate Distribution and Efficacy in Raised Plastic-Mulched Soil Beds

Vaculin, Paul (57) Effect of Application Timing of Drip Applied K-Pam® Following Chloropicrin

Noling, J. W. (58) Indirect Measures of Strawberry Yield Based on Plant Size Distribution and Fruit Stem Counts

Besri, Mohamed (59) Economical Aspects of Grafting Tomato in Some Mediterranean Countries

Yilmaz, S. (60) Grafting as an Alternative to MB in Vegetable Production in Turkey

Louws, Frank (61) Disease Management and Crop Productivity Utilizing Grafted Tomatoes

Besri, Mohamed (62) Current Situation of Tomato Grafting as Alternative to Methyl Bromide for Tomato Production in Morocco

López-Aranda, J. M. (63) Strawberry Nurseries in Spain: Alternatives to MB, 2006 Results

López-Aranda, J. M. (64) Strawberry Production in Spain: Alternatives to MB, 2007 Results

Porter, Ian (65)  Trends of Adoption of Alternatives

Jeff Dawson/Charles Smith (66) EPA Overview

Robinson, P. W. (67) Paladin™ (dimethyl disulfide) Experimental Use Permit Progress Report

Olson, Stephen M. (68) Efficacy of Paladin™ (dimethyl disulfide, DMDS) as a Soil Fumigant for Tomato and Cantaloupe Production

McKown, C. (69) Paladin™ -- Dimethyl Disulfide As a Replacement Soil Fumigant for Methyl Bromide

Robinson, P. W. (70) Paladin™ (DMDS) Soil Fumigant Efficacy Summary Update

Becker, J. O. (71) Methyl Bromide Replacement Challenges: Impression from Japan

Larson, Kirk (72) Strawberry Nurseries: Mebr Alternatives

McGawley, Edward, C. (73) Management of Nematode Parasites of Major Crops in Louisana with Agri-Terra

Kobara, Yuso (74) Possibility of the New Soil Fumigation Technique with Ethanol Solution

Uematsu, Seiji (75) Ethyl Alcohol as a Promising Material of Reductive Soil Disinfestation for Controlling Root Knot Nematode and Soilborne Plant Diseases

Warren, Morris (76) Propylene Oxide: The most Complete MB Replacement

Mann, Ross (77) Iodomethane Offers Opportunities for Methyl Bromide Phase out and Soil Disinfestation in Australia

Maier, Dirk (78) Application Aspects of Improving Structural Fumigation

Reichmuth, Christoph (79) Safer and More Efficient Use of Fumigants to Reduce the Dosage

Maier, Dirk (80) Biosensing Approach for Quantifying Fumigation efficiency & Reduced MeBr Use

Glennon, Dennis (81) Automated Web-Based Infrared Monitor for ISWPM-15  & Quarantine Fumigation

Mattner, Scott (82) Disinfestation of Expanded-Polystyrene Seedling Trays in the Australian Tobacco Industry

Johnson, Judy (83) Effect of Product Moisture on Efficacy of Vacuum Treatments for Tree Nuts

Liu, Yong-Biao (84) Ultralow Oxygen Treatment for Postharvest Control of Western Flower Thrips on Head Lettuce

Winegar, Eric (85) Modeling and Measurement of Methyl Bromide Emissions at Food Processing

Joyce, Peter (86) Methyl Bromide Scrubber System for Large Quarantine & Pre-Shipment Applications

Brash, Ken (87) Fumigation Recapture (Video) Contact Ken directly: kbrash@nordiko.com.au

Jeff Dawson/Steven Weiss (88) EPA Overview

Williamson, Peter (89) Profume® in Australia

Prabhakaran, Suresh (90) Global Status and Adoption of Profume® Gas Fumigant

Hosoda, Ed (91) Cylinderized Phosphine:  Sustainable Alternatives for Stored Product Protection

St. Pierre, Martin (92) Ecofume® Phosphine Fumigants:  A Technical and Economically Viable Alternative to Methyl Bomide in Structural Fumigation

Maier, Dirk (93) Ozonation as Non-Chemical Stored Product                Protection Technology

Williams, R. E. (94) ProFume® Gas Fumigant as an Alternative to Methyl Bromide for Chamber Fumigation of Dates

Schilling, M. W. (95) Sulfuryl Fluoride Fumigation Effect on the Composition of Dry Cured Ham Slices

Bookout, Anne (96) Update on Commercial Use of ProFume® on Stored Cocoa

Hosoda, Ed (97) California ProFume™ Update

Phillips, Thomas W. (98) Sulfuryl Fluoride for Post Harvest Fumigation of Arthropod Pests in Agricultural Products

Griffith, Tom (99) Propylene Oxide, Registered Fumigant, a Safe Insecticide

Kumar, Pratima (100) Significance of Ethyl Formate in Controlling the Fungal Growth in Stored Grains

Arthur, Frank (101) Residual Efficacy of Aerosol Insecticides

Campbell, James F. (102) Evaluation of Treatments as Methyl Bromide Alternatives for Structural Fumigations

Gragasin, MA (103)  Insecticidal Activities of Essential Oil from Piper betle Linn Against Storage Insect Pests

Arnold, Frank (104) Detection Tubes for New Fumigants

Qin, Ruijun (105) Plastic Films on Controlling Chloropicrin Emissions in a Strawberry Field Trial

Rosskopf, Erin (106) Reduced Rates and Alternatives to Methyl Bromide for Snapdragon Production in Florida

Rosskopf, Erin (107) Ethanedinitrile for Control of Weeds and Nematodes Important in Florida

Rosskopf, Erin (108) In Vitro Inhibition of Soilborne Fungi by “SPK”, a Novel Pesticide

Gilbert, Celeste (109) Solarization and Steam Heat for Soil Disinfestation in Flower and Strawberry

Wells, Sheryl (110) Leaching of Na and K Azide from Granules Applied to Established Turf

Lakshman, Dilip (111) Biological Alternatives to Methyl Bromide in Plant Disease Control

Bausher, Michael (112) Evaluation of Rootstocks for Management of Meloidogyne incognita on Grafted Bell Pepper

Becker, Ole (113) Bioassay for Root-Knot Nematode-Inhibiting Activity in Soil

Kobara, Yuso (114) Possibility of the New Soil Fumigation Technique with Ethanol Solution

Lee, Byung-Ho (115) Efficacy of Ethanedinitrile to Control Root Knot Nematodes in Yellow Melon Cultivation

Lee, Byung-Ho (116) Practical Application of Ethanedinitrile to Control Infested Pine Wilt Disease and Its Vector

Belcher, Jason (117) Effect of Acrolein Concentration Applied Preplant on Tomato and Bell Pepper

Koralis-Burelle, Nancy (118) Multiguard® : Effects on Nematode Populations and Galling on Tomato and Pepper

Gerik, James (119) Application of Chemicals In-Season to Augment Preplant Fumigation

Warren, Morris (120) Preplant Results to Date

Prabhakaran, Suresh (121) XRM-3162:  A New Preplant Soil Fumigant as an Alternative to Methyl Bromide

Mann, Ross (122) Drip Fumigation of Iodomethane in the Australian Protected Horticulture Industry

Mann, Ross (123) Bioprospecting for Endophytes with Mycofumigant Potential from Australian Native Flora

Mattner, Scott (124) Isolation of Plant-Growth Promoting Bacteria from Fumigated Soils

Mattner, Scott (125) Integrated Disinfestation of EPS-Trays Using Washing Practices and Solarization

Bogoescu, Marian (126) Results of Methyl Bromide Alternatives on Tomatoes in Romania

Joyce, Peter (127) Methyl Bromide Scrubber System for Large Quarantine & Pre-Shipment Applications

Liu, Yong-Biao (128) Fumigation with Phosphine for Postharvest Insect Control on Lettuce and Broccoli

Park, Min-Goo (129) The Efficacy of Ethanedinitrile to Control Wood Related Insect Pests

Sung, Bo-Kyung (130) Efficacy of Ethyl Formate as a Quarantine Fumigant for the Control of Pests in Fruits

Tubajika, K. M. (131) Methyl Iodide and Sulfuryl Fluoride as Quarantine Treatments for Solid Wood Packing Material

Muhareb, Jeannette (132) Evaluation of Combining Sulfuryl Fluoride, Proplyene Oxide & CO2 for Stored Product Insects

Maier, Dirk (133) Simulating the Effect of Weather Conditions on Structural Fumigation

Maier, Dirk (134) Investigation of Gas Distribution Due to Circulation Fans in Structural Fumigation

Maier, Dirk (135) Heat Treatment of Empty Storage Bins for Control of Insects and Molds

Maier, Dirk (136) Organic Stored Production Pest Treatment Using Nitrogen During Shipment

Maier, Dirk (137) Determination of Ozone Half-Life within a Closed Cylinder

Emekci, Mevlut (138) Laboratory Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Heat Treatment Against the Dried Fruit Beetle

Ferizli, Guray (139) The Effectiveness of Spinosad Against Granary Weevil, Sitophilus granarius at Laboratory Conditions

Hou, Xingwei (140) Optimizing and Gauging Heat Treatment Effectiveness in Food-Processing Facilities

Hou, Xingwei (141) Pheromone Monitoring of Red Flour Beetle Populations in Mills to Evaluate Fumigation Effectiveness


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